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Associate Game Master

Wheat Ridge, CO

Job Type

Part Time

About the Role

The main purpose of the job is to run escape games and ensure the best possible customer experience from the moment the customer arrives. This includes ensuring that games are properly prepared and that a safe and appropriate environment is always maintained.

Main Duties

1. Greet customers in a friendly and upbeat manner.
2. Clean game rooms, lobby, and restroom, as needed, including vacuuming/sweeping and dusting all in-reach surfaces, wiping down all props and locks, emptying the trash, and managing recycling.
3. Report damaged, missing, or broken game props to the Game Master.
4. Assist the Game Master in completing the game experience for the customer in a friendly and upbeat manner (taking a team photo, distributing cards, inviting return, and escorting out).
5. Reset the game room to the exact specification of the game-specific reset list, double checking that it is ready for the next game.
6. Assist the Game Master in the daily opening-up and closing-down of the site, as needed.
7. Distribute leaflets to the public.
8. Participate in the preparation, building, and testing of new sites and games.

About the Company

Get Out Escape Rooms is a small business in Wheat Ridge, CO. Our passion is the creativity of building entertaining escape room experiences with mind-challenging puzzles for the public to enjoy. We believe in inclusive employment, which means we hire individuals of all abilities. At Get Out Escape Rooms, we want our employees to feel valued and appreciated. We foster a work environment where team members look forward to coming to work!

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