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Best Escape Room in Wheat Ridge!

Looking for the best escape room experience in Wheat Ridge?  Get Out Escape Rooms is the newest escape room in the Wheat Ridge and Arvada area, located conveniently off the Kipling exit of I-70 at the corner of Independence & 50th Avenue.  You won't want to miss out!


Want a fun night out with friends, or a creative date night?  Maybe your team building ideas need a little more excitement.  Looking for something fun to do with your kids?  You might be surprised at how great kids are at escape rooms!  

Flight 1117 is a fun way to spend a night out! 

(See what others have said about it.

In this room, you and your friends are on a flight home after a long trip overseas.  You wake up from your nap to realize you are the only ones left on the plane!  You have one hour to figure out what's going on, and how to save your group from crashing.  

COMING SOON...our second room, the Crispy Biscuit Diner.

When this room opens, your group will be immersed in a 50's retro diner.  While you're eating and minding your own business, the cops surround the diner and tell you that you have one hour to come out peacefully, or they'll come arrest you and lock you up for a good long time.  You realize you've been framed for robbery at the diner, and you have 60 minutes to find enough evidence to exonerate yourselves.